Men’s Rings Information

Men’s Rings Information

A few years ago, if someone asked you to think about male jewellery, and in particular men’s rings, chances are you would either think of a plain gold wedding band, or a very chunky signet style ring. These two items comprised the vast majority of rings on the market and men who were looking for something a bit different or unique would often struggle to find a retailer who stocked the type of jewellery they felt reflected their personality and style of dress. Things have moved on considerably from those days though, and there are a whole host of jewellers featuring jewellery from up and coming designers as well as established names. Shopping with one of these retailers guarantees something a little bit different and unusual.

Established Designers and New Names

Some of the biggest names on the British fashion scene, such as the eminent Vivienne Westwood, have realized that the men’s jewellery market is growing at a staggering rate and have started to design their own ranges of men’s jewellery including rings. These are completely separate ranges from the women’s ranges rather than a simple add-on range to complement more traditional female jewellery ranges. Westwood’s unique style is evident in her male jewellery range, which features designs of skulls, wax seals and belts.

There are also new and up and coming names in the male jewellery world who are doing interesting and innovative things. Luke Rose’s work is unusual yet very wearable at the same time and in the main features geometric designs of interlocking rings and polished surfaces. The simplicity of the design adds to its beauty and means these products appeal to a large market. Stephen Webster’s work couldn’t be further away from Rose’s, and his collection consists of “Rock Star” signet men’s rings, rings which have a textured surface designed to look like skin or leather, and intricately carved bands.

Getting to Know Your Style

It takes a while for anyone to develop their own unique style and have confidence over choosing which sort of ring suits them best. Most men take cues from their friends, fashion magazines or jewellery wearing celebrities such as David Beckham. Taking one element of someone else’s style to build on is a good starting block. Another good starting point is to visit one of the many specialist retailers devoted to selling male jewellery, including rings, which are springing up all over the country. A good jeweller will be happy to give advice on both the items which are available in the range, and also make suggestions about which items would suit the specific customers. One of the best places to go for this sort of advice is Thorn Jewellery, who have both an online presence and a store in Ruislip.