Thinking Mens Jewellery

Thinking about Men’s Jewellery

Although in modern times jewellery is more associated with women than with men, this has not always been the case. During many periods of recent and not so recent history, it was the men who wore the elaborate rings, necklaces and bracelets as symbols of their wealth and power. Things have moved on from those times, but men’s jewellery is becoming increasingly more fashionable. Most high street jewellers sell unisex or male jewellery, and there are also several retailers who specialise in offering something a little bit different from the mass market. Stephen Webster has coined the phrase "boyfriend jewellery" for his unisex jewellery range. The internet is the best place to see the greatest range of male jewellery as there is no end to the variety of products offered.

Rings for men

One of the easiest to wear and most commonly worn items of men’s jewellery is a ring, and nowadays wearing a ring does not have to mean the choice between a signet ring or a simple gold band. Silver rings are a good choice and have a contemporary and fashionable feel to them. Chunky and unusual designs are available from high quality designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Shaun Leane and Thomas Sabo. You can even get a titanium and gold ring from Meister Jewellery which doubles as a compass.


Most men will own at least one pair of cufflinks and again, the range of different designs on the market is vast. Simple round or square cufflinks are the best choice for office wear or for a formal environment, with more funky and unusual designs best kept for nights out or other occasions. Cufflinks don’t just have to be made of metal and there are items on the market which incorporate diamante or real diamonds for a bit of sparkle.


Necklaces and pendants are becoming more fashionable for men and gone are the days when the only option for a man was a plain gold or silver chain. There is a whole host of designers working to create unique and innovative ideas for pendants and necklaces, such as Thomas Sabo charm necklaces with his range of horned skulls which are beautifully made and very detailed. Crosses are eternally popular, and some of the most innovative jewellery on the market features miniature compasses made from titanium and gold.

Getting something a bit different

When looking for truly unusual men’s jewellery the best place to start the hunt is on the internet. One of the best shops, with the largest range of products is Thorn. This website specialises in men’s jewellery and is a one stop shop. There is also a store in Ruislip for those who prefer to see their jewellery close up before committing to purchase it. All of the main jewellery designers are stocked online and the store prides itself on nurturing and giving opportunities to young and up and coming jewellery designers, alongside the more established names such as Westwood. Emphasis is heavily on high quality and the workmanship in each and every piece is impressive. The main attraction of the store though is the opportunity to find something different, interesting and unusual.